Non-Standard Jazz Standards



The Sky Was Blue is a fun, edgy album of non-standard standards, with songs from Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads and Velvet Underground going head to head with classic jazz standards.  




Bremner says: 'one night I sat up in bed and grumpily asked myself, "Why should all the jazz standards be from 1950 and earlier? What about all the great songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's?"



 Bremner sings jazz with a fun and complex pop twist, pulling in songs from the Velvet Underground and the Talking Heads. His new album ‘The Sky Was Blue’ features songs made famous by Billy Holiday, Sinatra, Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone, and sounds like Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra fighting over who gets to sing next in some plush velvet lounge in Vegas. He likes to say the new album is like a big old brass bed – there’s a well pounded mattress of bouncy old jazz springs, a colourful quilt of country pop twang, and a huge fluffy feather pillow of 60’s soul  



If you borrow something, make sure it's the best. Beautiful ugly jazz noise inspired by Rock ‘n roll, Beat poetry, Texas roads and Fifties Italian film soundtracks. Crooning and snarling like Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.



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